My Insanity Pre-Order is live! (14.01.2020)

Exciting News Everyone!


My Insanity is complete and is officially launching on January 17th for 99¢!

Click here or down below to pre-order your copy today and grab the book at a discounted rate. I'll be back again on the 17th to celebrate the release and share news about the paperback version.


My Insanity is the start of the Insanity Saga - the grand War for the Fate of Mankinds Subconsciousness.

It's an epic dark fantasy saga that is filled to the brim with lore, things to experience and content.


With this I want to officially wish you a happy new year. I have something special for you, something that comes directly from the heart.


A lot of content will be coming! All in all you will be seeing 3 different book series make their debut over the course of January and February of 2020!


This is by far the longest book and series that I've ever written. So I hope you will have many hours of enjoyment with it.

Happy reading.

Preorder on Amazon


- Martin

Happy New Year 2020! (05.01.2020)

Phew - glad we got that out of the way. The site should be fully operational now, or at least for 99,9%.

I will adjust more in the coming days as I'm preparing the releases. To everyone who'll join me on my wild ride to make a living as an author I want to say 'thank you' in advance. The first release will be something special from my heart and finds its way onto your ebook reader of choice in Mid-January.

I will try to have one or two blog posts up until then, but yeah, I hope you will enjoy what I've prepared. Next news will be when the preorder goes live.


Wishing everyone out there a happy new year and all the best for their dreams and goals. Let's rock!


- Martin