About me

Want to reach out to me? Great! Ýou can be find me at contact@martinlaenger.com or you can click on the 'Contact' Button at the top - I’d love to hear from you!

I'm open to all kind of things, but when it comes to what I write I tend to stick to things that I would want to read as well. So, I hope you enjoy them just as much or even more than I do. These days, I’m writing stories about a secret demon gambling society, two charming curiosity hunters, and fantasy epics in the human subconsciousness.

Wait, you’re still here?

Alrighty, then here's the usual stuff. As of this writing I'm 28 years old and live in Germany. Quite far away for most of my intended readership, but whenever possible, I’d be always up for a cup of coffee or any other beverage.

I’m fascinated by stories in all kinds of media, therefore leaving my own mark was somehow the logical conclusion for my weirdly-wired brain. And here I am, hoping to leave a small gift for all of you.