Laurence & Celine

All Volumes of the charming curiosity hunters. A fantasy action-adventure story for everyone.

Myth of the Purple Varadon (Volume 1)

Mythical Creatures, Apparitions, and Ancient Monsters. Corruption and Intrigue. All in a day's work.

A rash of bizarre deaths have been plaguing the rural village of Ibantha. Rumor in the town is that the purple Varadon has reappeared, a unique mythical creature that was thought to be extinct. Decried as nonsense by the Institute and respected Curiosity Hunters, the villagers live in fear as the strange killings continue.

When all hope seems to be lost, a new pair arrives, the only ones willing to help - Laurence and Celine.

Although they haven't worked together before, armed with Laurence's crafty gadgets and Celine's heirloom sword, they take on the mysterious case.

Together they will have to learn to set aside their differences, accept each other's flaws, and uncover the secrets lurking in the deep woods of Ibantha.



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Rise of the Gryphon Society (Volume 2)

The second gripping Volume of Laurence & Celine.


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