Where to Start? A New Year's Blog Post

Hello everyone!


Happy New Year and I hope all is well for you and your loved ones. As you've probably guessed from the headline, I don't really know where to pick up. For everyone that followed my releases in the past year, and the following sea of nothingness, you might know where I'm going with this.


2020 was a pretty rough year for so many people. Fortunately, for me, it had a few more upsides than downsides, but even for me it was not easy to keep up with the ambitious goals I had set out for the year. The plan was, once you're rolling, you'll roll, even if you hit your face multiple times while grinding over the ground.

And falling on my face I did. Quite a lot actually. There are alot of things I've learned from my past releases and so many more I still have to work on, and even more I understand even less than before. Marketing and a new editor being the biggest hurdles I'm facing. All in all, 2020 meant for me I could not keep up with releases, as money and experience was lacking, I took a pause.

For this year, though, I've come a bit more prepared. Now, for 2021, working a full time job while writing books will be pretty exhausting. I guess most authors can relate, or heck, even most people. But I don't want to dwell on excuses and self-pity either. I just have to keep falling, right?

There is still so many things for me to learn. As english is not my mother-tongue, I'll have to put twice as much work in.


But why write all this self-deprecating stuff? Because, I believe there is merit to the ideas and stories I conveyed and want to convey. Maybe, they're still lacking and have not found their respective audience, but I wrote those stories because of my love for storytelling and the joy it gave me in all kinds of mediums over my life. And as I have promised from the start - that is what I want to deliver.

More news on upcoming plans in the coming week, as one of my first key points will be to keep the blog-posts rolling.


So please bear with me, as I continue to develop and grow. I'm grateful for each and everyone of you.

Wishing all of you all the best in this new year!

- Martin

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