The Insanity Series

7 Epic Fantasy Books set in the subconciousness of mankind

MY insanity (Book 1)

  • The debut book of the 'Insanity Series' that follows along the story of mankinds exploration into the human subconsciousness. Battling with the flaws and secrets of our inner minds, the protagonists of this series forge their own path in a gruesome and rich fantasy world that is shaped by all of mankind.

The story follows a young man named Gwyn who seemingly lost his path in life. Being swept along as his life passes him by he gets confronted by a mysterious entity in black and green, going by the name of Delirias. Gwyn's life gets thrown upside down as he is the only person able to see the weird stranger. Plagued by his constant fearmongering and grandious speeches about free will, the young man starts to question his sanity before he eventually breaks down in a confrontation between the two.

Just when it couldn't get any worse, the young man awakens in a new world with his selfproclaimed partner Delirias in tow. A dangerous reality that is the embodiment mankinds minds. Soon both of them learn that they are not the only humans that have been trapped here, fighting for their survival and unconvering the secrets of this harsh environment. Constantly being objected to the question whether they will be consumed by themselves first or not.

My Cruelty (Book 2)

 The second book in the 'Insanity Series. Directly continuing the  story of the first book. Currently in progress with more updates to come in the passing weeks.

Spin-off title

 A short project that is set in the world of the 'Insanity Series'. Intended as a thank you to all readers made available to everyone for free without spoiling the storyline of the mainline books. Currently in progress with more updates coming in the passing weeks